All Soul Hackers 2 DLC List

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The demon-collection element of Shin Megami Tensei games is rife for microtransaction potential. After all, you can fuse a few no-name demons for free, but if you want the big deal dudes, you gotta cough up for it. Soul Hackers 2 has such DLC, plus some extras if you’re interested. Here’s the list of all Soul Hackers 2 DLC.

All Soul Hackers 2 DLC List

Soul Hackers 2 features five different DLC bundles, each with different prices and contents. If you’re interested, you can buy the DLC Bundle for a lump sum of $39.99, which includes all five packs. The game itself is not included in that bundle, though.

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The five packs and their prices are as follows:

  • Useful Item Set & Extra Difficulty: Free
  • Booster Item Pack: $4.99
  • Bonus Story Arc: The Lost Numbers: $9.99
  • Costume & BGM Pack: $12.99
  • Bonus Demon Pack: $12.99

Useful Item Set & Extra Difficulty

This free starter bundle adds a handful of helpful in-game items to help get you on your feet, including:

  • Bead x2
  • Chakra Pot x2
  • Balm of Life x2
  • Original Flame x1

Additionally, if the game isn’t spicy enough for you, this bundle adds the Very Hard difficulty setting, which you can choose at the game’s start or in the Config menu.

Booster Item Pack

This pack adds a handful of items that will tilt the game’s balance a bit more decisively in your favor. It includes incense that can be used to raise your party members’ stats, cash items you can sell for large quantities of in-game money, and EXP Data that can be used to quickly level your party members and demons.

Bonus Story Arc: The Lost Numbers

This pack unlocks a special story arc centering around another Devil Summoner named Nana. The arc runs over the course of multiple sidequests with a wide range of recommended levels. Additionally, you’ll unlock the special dungeon Hachigaya Training Field, which features a super-strong boss fight.

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Costume & BGM Pack

This pack includes costumes and battle BGM based on other games in the Shin Megami Tensei franchise. The costumes include:

  • Persona 4 Yasogami Uniforms
  • Persona 5 Shujin Uniforms
  • Soul Hackers Outfits
  • Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha Outfits
  • Shin Megami Tensei IV Samurai Outfits
  • Fashionable Swimsuits

You can toggle the BGM settings from the Config menu.

Bonus Demons

This pack lets you fuse and summon demons from an exclusive group. Besides fusing them normally, you can also summon each of them from the compendium once at no charge, though subsequent summons will cost money as normal. The demons include:

  • Tzitzimitl
  • Anahita
  • Armaiti
  • Zaou-Gongen
  • Nemissa
  • Mara
  • Masakado
  • Satan

Quick side note: if you purchased the Digital Premium Edition of Soul Hackers 2, you already received all of these DLC packs, and don’t need to purchase them again. The Digital Deluxe Edition, meanwhile, only includes the Booster Item Pack and The Lost Numbers.

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