All Differences & Exclusives in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Tons of info about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have just come out, allowing players to make more informed decisions about which version they’ll want to pick. Just like in past mainline entries, there are different legendary Pokemon in each version, along with other minute changes and exclusives that you might miss. Here’s a rundown of all the differences and exclusives in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that we know of so far.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Differences and Exclusives

At the time of writing, we’re still pretty far out from the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, so this article will be updated with more in-depth differences about version-exclusive Pokemon as that information becomes available. For now, these are all the differences we’ve noticed.

Legendary Pokemon

legendaries in pokemon scarlet and violet

As mentioned previously, the legendary Pokemon is different depending on which version you go for. In Scarlet, you’ll get Koraidon, while Violet players will get to encounter Miraidon.

Koraidon is a Dragon-type Pokemon that comes from the past, while Miraidon is a Dragon-type Pokemon that hails from the future.

Other Exclusive Pokemon

Aside from the two legendary Pokemon, the recent trailer and event have also revealed two more Pokemon with new evolved forms. For Pokemon Violet, we’ll be getting Bagon and its new form Eiscue.

On the other hand, Pokemon Scarlet players will get Larvitar and its new form Stonjourner. These Pokemon will be version exclusive, which means that there’s no way to get them or their new evolved forms without trading.

For now, these are the only two regular exclusive Pokemon unveiled, and we’ll update this article as more info gets released.

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Different Professors

professors in pokemon scarlet and violet

Another major difference between the two versions is the professor that you’ll get to meet in the game. Scarlet players will have Professor Sada as their primary guide, while Violet players will get Professor Turo. This shouldn’t have too much bearing on the story itself, but some players may want to pick a version depending on whose vibe they prefer, or which professor has a more appealing personality.

Starting Outfits

outfits in pokemon scarlet and violet

One minor change we’ve noticed from the trailers is that the starting outfits for the protagonist seem to be different depending on which version you choose as well. For instance, the Scarlet protagonist wears red colored shorts or trousers when in their school uniform, while the Violet protagonist’s clothes are more bluish.

School Insignias

school insignias in pokemon scarlet and violet

In a similar vein, it looks like the insignias depicted on the academy walls are also different in each version of the game.

In Pokemon Scarlet, the insignia is red and kinda looks like an orange or a grapefruit. On the flip side, Pokemon Violet’s school insignia is blue and looks more like a classic shield emblem with some grapes in the middle.

These seem to just be cosmetic differences, however, so it’ll ultimately come down to which color scheme you prefer if you’re picking based on that.

That’s all we know about the differences and exclusives in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for now. Be sure to search Twinfinite for more news and information on the game.

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