All Cameos in Thor: Love and Thunder (Spoilers)

When it comes to all the films and TV shows linked to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans are always on the lookout for references and links to previous events, or even future events that are yet to come. In fact, foreshadowing appears to be a key part of the experience. With Thor: Love and Thunder now in theaters, it is no exception to the rule, with many news faces appearing along with some familiar ones. So if you are wondering about all the cameos in Thor: Love and Thunder, here’s a helpful list to guide you.

The following information is firmly in spoilers territory when it comes to the movie. If you would like to enjoy the show without knowing the many surprises that lay in wait, this is the time to turn back.

All Thor: Love and Thunder Cameos

Theater Loki – Matt Damon

Thor: Love and Thunder Matt Damon

Matt Damon is back as Loki on the theater stage, and giving his all to reenact the events that took place in Thor: Ragnorok. Suffice to say, things aren’t that serious in this play.

Theater Thor – Luke Hemsworth

Thor: Love and Thunder Luke Hemsworth

Joining fake Loki is fake Thor, once again being portrayed by lead actor Chris Hemsworth’s brother, Luke. The eldest Hemsworth brother gets more screentime this time around with Damon’s Loki, and the pair are not alone in that regard.

Theater Odin – Sam Neill

Thor: Love and Thunder Sam Neill

Completing the returning troupe from Thor: Ragnorok is Sam Neill’s Odin, which brings plenty of laughs with his portrayal of the All-Father. If you ever wanted a Shakespearian take on the Norse gods, Thor: Love and Thunder has you covered.

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Theater Hela – Melissa McCarthy

Thor: Love and Thunder Melissa McCarthy

Since we are talking about events in Thor: Ragnarok, we can’t have Hela missing from the action. In comes comedian Melissa McCarthy as Hela on stage, and we can’t help but think of what potential this casting choice could have had instead of Cata Blanchett in the role.

Goddess Bast – Akosia Sabet

Thor: Love and Thunder Akosia Sabet

To more serious things at hand, the events of Thor: Love and Thunder see our heroes confronting the imminent threat of Gorr the God Butcher. An army is needed, and the might of the gods will come in handy. This is where we first see the Goddess Bast, seated right in front of Mighty Thor.

A goddess that is worshipped in Wakanda and in reality, ancient Egypt, the deity is the protector of the Panther Clan, and of course, that means she is linked to Black Panther and Wakanda.

Hercules – Brett Goldstein

Thor: Love and Thunder Brett Goldstein

As we had previously shared in our post-credits breakdown, we finally see a new player enter the MCU in the form of Goldstein’s Hercules. In the mid-credits scene, we see Zeus nursing his wounds and vowing vengeance against Thor, and that task is given to Hercules. Chances are, we will see Thor and Hercules go head to head in the future.

Heimdall – Idris Elba

Thor: Love and Thunder Idris Elba

At the very end of the credits, we also get a scene that serves as a sendoff for the beloved Heimdall. In a brief cameo, the honorable guardian of the Bifrost welcomes Dr. Jane Foster into Valhalla after her sacrifice, and this will likely be the last time we will see Elba’s character in the MCU.

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That’s all the cameos in Thor: Love and Thunder that you can look forward to. If you decided to spoil the movie before catching it on the big screen, be sure to check out the 10 things you’ll need to remember before watching Thor: Love and Thunder. Otherwise, be sure to search Twinfinite for everything else.

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