AKASH DTH Bangladesh Direct To Home (DTH) service

AKASH is the first ever Direct To Home (DTH) service launched in Bangladesh by BEXIMCO, with an aim to win the hearts of millions with its commitment to quality services that will revolutionize the entertainment industry in the country. Through DTH, as the name says, signals are directly received from the satellite by the dish installed at your premise. You will also need a set top box connected with your TV and a dish. Enhancing TV viewing experience for people is our top most priority and through continuous technological innovation, backed by our solid customer support, AKASH will redefine TV viewing experience like never before.

How does AKASH DTH Service work?

DTH stands for Direct to Home; as the name says, you will receive signal directly from the satellite through the dish installed at your premise. In order to access the AKASH service, you will need a set top box, dish and other equipment as recommended by us. AKASH has brought to you the first world standard DTH service in Bangladesh with Clyster clear picture & sound, professional installation & after sales service, 24/7 active call center & lots of other features!

Does AKASH work with old model TV like CRT?

Why not! AKASH will even work for your 14 inch black & white TV! But you know, AKASH is the purveyor of supreme quality picture & sound. Thus, if you give AKASH the perfect partner, which is a flat screen TV, then the combo will be able to provide you the best quality experience.

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How many TV set will be viewable through one STB/one Dish?

You can connect one dish to one STB right now. However, we are going to introduce offers for 1 dish multiple connection (STB).

And you can connect one STB with one TV only; STBs cannot be connected to multiple TVs.

What features does AKASH provide?

AKASH provides you the real HD quality picture & sound. Nothing comes near to it, not in terms of quality viewing, not in terms of our professional customer support via 24/7 call center, true HD channels or features! AKASH provides features like program guide up to 7 days, upon its availability, where you can see schedules & details of all the programs of your subscribed channels, , favorite channel listing, program reminder feature & even parental control (a feature that gives you option to lock channels that you don’t want your children to watch!). Soon more features will be introduced. AKASH is something perhaps you’ve never experienced before, in Bangladesh. We are the first & only one at this moment to provide such a world class service!

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