AEW Dynamite Results, Winners, and Highlights 27 Apr

Here is everything about the AEW Dynamite Results, Winners, and Highlights from the 27th April episode.

Wardlow won another match and a championship also changed hands on the show. The Philly Street Fight between Hikaru Shida and Serena Deeb was brutal.

AEW Dynamite Results

Cash Wheeler versus Dax Harwood (Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Qualifying match)

A slingshot powerbomb followed by a piledriver was not enough to keep Dax down. Both men know a lot about each other and it was evident in the chemistry they displayed throughout the match.

Towards the climax, Dax tried a Sharpshooter but he took too long as Cash went for a small package. However, Dax reversed it into a small package of his own to win via pinfall and qualify for the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament.

CM Punk was on commentary and he got up and cut an emotional promo promising the fans that he will give it everything and fight at Double or Nothing with Adam Page until the wheels come off.

Result – Dax Harwood beat Cash Wheeler

Blackpool Combat Club (“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, and Wheeler Yuta) versus the Factory (Aaron Solo, Nick Comoroto, and QT Marshall)

Moxley and Comoroto got us underway. Moxley got the better of the exchange as he hit a forearm followed by a Crash Landing. After delivering a back suplex, Yuta was tagged in.

Yuta was kept isolated for a while before making the tag to Danielson. Towards the closing stages, Wheeler reversed an attempted powerslam into a guillotine choke and then transitioned into a sleeper hold. In the end, Wheeler pinned Nick to win the match for his team.

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Result – Blackpool Combat Club beat the Factory

Lance Archer versus Wardlow

Wardlow came out to the ring once again without music. The security started to take off Wardlow’s handcuffs, but before they could completely remove them, Archer launched himself onto them and took everyone including Wardlow out.

Archer looked to go for a Chokeslam but Wardlow powered out. Both men knocked each other off their feet with a clothesline simultaneously. A huge Chokeslam from Archer and then the Blackout but Wardlow reversed the pinning attempt.

In the end, Wardlow finished the match with his Powerbomb symphony and then some to pick up another victory.

Result – Wardlow beat Lance Archer

Hikaru Shida versus Serena Deeb (Philly Street Fight)

This match was certainly physical and intense. Hikaru set Deeb across the top rope and then went for the running knee strike. Deeb blocked with a chair. Deeb hit a knee breaker, dropping her onto the chair.

A swinging neckbreaker from Deeb but Shida won’t stay down. Deeb focused on Shida’s knee which was hurt. The former kept on swinging a chair to Shida’s knee.

Shida tried to muster some offense but Deeb launched some powder into her opponent’s eyes. Deeb hit her opponent with a kendo stick. Shida somehow managed to deliver a body drop and swung blindly with the stick.

In the end, Deeb won the match with the help of a Texas Cloverleaf that forced Shida to submit after putting in a valiant effort.

Result – Serena Deeb beat Hikaru Shida

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Undisputed Elite versus Varsity Blondes, Dante Martin, Brock Anderson, and Lee Johnson

The referee had a tough time controlling the competitors. The control shifted from one side to another as the match progressed.

Nick planted Johnson face-first before diving outside to take out the rest. The Young Bucks attacked them with a few more dives and took full control. They hit the four-way BTE Trigger as Cole hit the Boom to win the match.

Result – Undisputed Elite beat Varsity Blondes, Dante Martin, Brock Anderson, and Lee Johnson

Backstage, the Jericho Appreciation Society attacked Santana, Ortiz, and Kingston. They dominate the scuffle, and Jericho then threw a fireball in Eddie’s face.

Sammy Guevara (c) with Tay Conti vs. Scorpio Sky with Dan Lambert (TNT Championship Ladder Match)

Before Sammy could enter the ring, he was attacked by Scorpio Sky at the entrance and the two started a brawl. Sky launched Sammy into the guard rail and went on to get a ladder. Sky hit Sammy with the ladder to rattle him.

Guevara didn’t stay down for long, as he delivered a German Suplex onto the ramp and then sent Sky into the barricade.

As the match progressed, Paige Van Zant came to the ring and they started brawling. Sky climbed the ladder after dropping Sammy. The two women got on the backs of the men. Paige and Tai fought at the top and then they fell down but the fight continued there too. Sky pulled the ladder as Sammy bounced off the barbed wire ladder. Sky climbed up but Guevara springboarded back but it wasn’t enough as Sky managed to capture the title.

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Result – Scorpio Sky beat Sammy Guevara

After the match, Ethan Page came to the ring and celebrated. Frankie Kazarian appeared and showed his respect for Sky and the new champion also showed his respect toward him.

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