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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds belongs to the series The Legend of Zelda. In this part, you still play the role of a legendary hero, Link, who is on a mission to rescue Princess Zelda held captive by a cunning and malicious painter, Yuga.

Uncover huge secrets between two worlds with Link!

But the enemy this time is completely different

As you know, any part of The Legend of Zelda tells a story about a hero saving a beauty (except for the super bullshit Tri Force Heroes). Just the villain and the final boss of each part are different in respect of skills, malice, arrangement of the soldiers, and trusted minions. Following the same plot, in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, a young man named Link goes to save Princess of Hyrule, Zelda.

The villain this time is quite mysterious, is a dark painter named Yuga with the technique of turning people into wall paintings. And the hero Link, still appearing cheerful and a bit naive, is now apprenticed at a blacksmith’s house in the kingdom.

One day, Yuga got mad and kidnapped the priestess Seres and Princess Zelda to pressure the King of Hyrule. Link is summoned urgently to find Yuga’s whereabouts and rescue Princess Zelda and priestess Seres before the kingdom falls into the hands of the wicked.

With a simple, easy-to-understand, uncluttered narrative, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds has taken players in turn through twist plots, from which earth-shattering secrets unfold one by one. There are parts where Link is “stabbed in the back” because of an unexpected twist, for example, a mutual blacksmith apprentice friend turns out to be Yuga’s henchman installed to spy on Link. It hurts, doesn’t it? 

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Overall, the storyline is seamless, highly logical, informative but not confusing. It is generally quite deep, with many touching scenes, such as the part where the priestess Seres sacrificed herself for Princess Zelda.

In The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, the more emphasized element is the action role-playing adventure. Link’s supernatural ability is the key to creating an extremely high appeal for the whole game. Enemies can turn people into wall paintings, whereas Link can enter the wall.

Link was also given a magic bracelet by heaven, so even if Yuga threw the charm to turn him into a picture a hundred times, Link was still OK. In contrast, Link even freely went to the walls to meet the others and search for all the big and small items that could help him solve everything and save the princess.

I must say in advance that Link’s traveling ability is endless. For example, in other parts, you may not be able to enter a locked house, but in A Link Between Worlds, Link can enter a wall, go around the back door, and then find a red crack in the wall to break into the house. This ability is also the inspiration for the publisher to name the game: A Link Between Worlds. “Link” both refers to the ability to move back and forth between the two worlds (wall world and the real world) and the hero Link.

There is a big note that using this wall entry skill consumes a lot of energy, so be careful with the situation of running out of energy.

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Also different from the other parts where Link must do a lot of things to get the perfect skills. But in this version, from the beginning Link already has these two magical abilities. Why? There is a merchant Ravio, who wants to borrow Link’s house as a shop, in exchange he will lend Link unique weapons. If Link kills him, Link will immediately recover these items. When reappearing, Link will have to pay a lot of money to rent weapons or wait until the middle of the game when Ravio is short of money, he will sell it to Link (of course at a sky-high price).

An attractive point that makes players fall in love with this part is the maze system. Link does not need to follow the map anymore but can go anywhere he wants, depending on the weapon he is renting from Ravio. In particular, when having an ice stick, Link may choose to destroy the fire maze, and vice versa, when having a fire stick, he may overcome the whole ice scene… This freedom and generosity have brought The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds to a new level, more exciting than other stories in the same series.

You can see that without money, you can’t do anything, because almost all the tools and weapons come from that old merchant. So, Link’s primary task is to collect as much money as possible. Money can be obtained from three sources: one is to defeat large and small enemies along the way, two is to find items and treasures in hidden spots in the walls, three is through minigames (fight monsters in Treacherous Tower or playing baseball to find treasure, helping a snail mother Maiamai collect 100 snail children who are stuck everywhere…).

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Review the graphics and sound

Corresponding to the slightly weird storyline of this part, the effect of the Nintendo 3DS has worked extremely well. Every time Link enters the wall, the viewing angle immediately switches to the horizontal screen, allowing you to freely roam and explore another world. This flexible switching of views also gives a real sense of integration into Princess Zelda’s kingdom.

The sound in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds also has many things different from the others of the game series. There is more mysterious background music, especially when entering a twist, or when the crook is exposed, signaling for a bad omen.

The sound effects are also quite rich in direct combat with the enemy. The spirit and mellow, bright music style of the game series remains the same here, but some small different points as mentioned above help to create the player’s feeling of excitement with each part of the game.

This meaningful story is also sublimated by beautiful 3D images. Not to mention the deep storyline with many emotional levels and extremely powerful weapons of the main character and the ability to destroy everywhere, which make it become a game that any gamer must play once.

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