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The first Saturday of the month of October is celebrated as Card Making Day. The day was first observed by Paper Craft magazine with a view to encouraging creativity during the holiday season. Since then, the day is being celebrated every year.

Card Making Day Greetings, Messages and Quotes

Card Making Day: Messages

– Greeting cards, invitation cards, business cards, gift cards, several varieties of cards, and there can’t be a more pleasurable experience than designing a card on your own! 

-Card Making Day promotes the pleasure of making a card yourself.

– With great art and craft ideas, craft materials, graphics designs, computer programs, apps, and more, card making has come a long way! It’s fun to make cards in various attractive and colorful designs. 

– Card Making Day is an attempt to remind that nothing can be a better gift for your loved one than a card made by your hands, imagination, and with all your strong feelings. 

– The best way you can celebrate Card Making Day is that you get yourself some craft material, run your imaginations, and make some beautiful cards.

– Let your imagination and creativity flourish! You can buy a how-to-do guide for card making, google search card making ideas, or even join a class. 

– What a pleasant way to express your love! Create your own card and gift your loved ones.

-Inspired by great graphic designs, make a personalized card for your loved one on your computer, print it, and give her and find the pleasure of giving and receiving a card as well! 

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Card Making Day: Greetings

– Let your imagination run on this Card Making Day, make your own cards, and send personalized cards to your family and friends! Happy Card Making Day!

– There is no denying that handmade cards are much more appealing than the readily available cards. Make a card with your hand to give your imagination and creativity a fly! Warm wishes on the card making day. 

– Be creative on this card Making Day, make a card on your own, and enjoy your creativity. Happy Card Making Day to You.  

– You can’t deny the pleasure of receiving a greeting card, and this pleasure multiplies ten times when it’s a handmade card. Have a wonderful Card Making Day!

– When you make a card on your own, not only your imaginations but also your strong feelings are attached to it. Give away to express your feelings; create a card on your own. Warm wishes on the Card Making Day!

– Arrange a Card Making Day Party, invite your friends and family, get them some craft material, make cards, and exchange them. Share your ideas, share your pleasure! Happy Card Making Day to all. 

– A personalized card with a short and sweet message with little decoration may make your day! Enjoy Card Making Day. 

– Nothing can match the pleasure of making your card! Give a try to some innovative punches. Celebrate Card Making Day!

– Take a piece of craft paper, add some color to it, and write a short message that reflects your emotions. You are not only adding color to the card but also to your life. Hot wishes on Card Making Day!   

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Card Making Day: quotes

“A good lawyer, just like a good poker player, must always keep his cards close to his chest.”
― Mallika Nawal

“I think love is the wild card of existence. Don’t rule it out. Old as we are, it may still get thrown on the table.”
― Rita Mae Brown

“Someone with a full deck is out there. Just have to make sure your cards are stacked correctly first.”
― Christine E. Szymanski  

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