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If you have love for someone in your hearts then it is always recommended that you spill out the beans to them and see how they feel.

This is exactly the purpose of Propose day, celebrated on the 8th of February, which happens to be the second day of the much awaited Valentine’s Day.

Many youngsters and even adults express their love for their special ones with a rose or other gifts in the hope of gaining mutual response and starting off a relationship in the week of love itself.

In this article, we have listed some of the top wishes and quotes that could certainly add spice and grace to propose day wishes.

Propose Day Messages, Quotes and Greetings

I’m writing a story, can you be my “lived happily ever after?” I propose you my unending love on this day sweetheart.

From the day I saw your glittering eyes, I couldn’t meet sleep anymore without your thoughts. Be mine and accept my heartfelt love for you on this propose day.

Happy propose day to you my darling. Proposing you is something I would do every year because love for you shall increase forever.

Will you help me to create the most beautiful life? I will need you for that and hence please be mine. Happy Propose day sweetheart.

I have a long age remaining in my life; will you please partner it with me? I assure you there will be lot of fun! Please be mine, love.

This propose day I will clearly tell you that I have been waiting for over a year to gain the courage to come up to you and pour out my heart. I propose you with all the love I have for you my lady.

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Will you accept my undying love for you in this propose day? I truly, deeply and madly love you my darling.

In love, I want to fall and rise with only one person and that is you. Accept my deepest emotion of love for you and let’s plan a happy life ahead.

In a perfect world, I would hold you tight and speak about how I feel about you throughout the night? Will you let me create that perfect world with you? I propose you my immense love on this day.

The Valentines is just some days away, I need a partner and there’s no one I love more than you darling! Will you be my valentine?

Oh dear, I never care for any other fear than not having you here in my life. I propose you with all my heart so that you give in to my thoughts and love me back with your beautiful heart and soul.

It doesn’t even matter if life gets bumpier. With you beside me, every ride will be a smooth one for me I know. Happy propose day my love.

If you want then I can get the moon for and also move the biggest mountains. That’s the power of my love for you sweetheart. I love you so much.

Happy propose day darling. I truly believe that my stars were really lucky that I ended up getting you beside me for life.

I take immense pleasure in expressing my deepest love to the person with whom I wish to spend a lifetime. You are a truth that I never want to change. Happy propose my dear.

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The only promise I want to make you is that I will grow old with you graciously. Will you too darling?

From now on, whatever happens in life with us, we face it together. I propose you my endless love and support on this day to you.

With you I want to write a new chapter of my life. Trust me, this is the chapter when I start living.. Happy propose day my darling.

First time our eyes met, I knew you were the one. All I had to do in the past few years was to draw up the courage and confess it to you on the propose day. Will you be my happiness for the rest of my life?

I was searching for love from a long time but it all ended the moment my eyes met yours. I find all that i ever need in them. Do you feel the same for me honey? Happy propose day.

Ours will be a fairytale love story where you will be the ever beautiful princess and I being the frog shall await your kiss. Happy propose day baby.

Love is such a beautiful thing that it can fulfil a heart with all the happiness of the world. Accept my love for you and let’s have a happy propose day together.

I want to open a bank account to save the overflowing love I have for you. Every day, my heart overflows with love and I do not want to waste any of it. Happy propose day.

With you beside me, I think of nothing else but a peaceful life ahead. You are the heart that my soul is attracted to. I love you more and happy propose day.

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From partner in crime to partner in life. You never know when best friends fall in love with each other. I fell for your darling. Happy Propose day.

A perfect life for me would be the one that will have you in every good and bad moment and that will end with my eyes meeting yours. Happy propose day love.

If eternal connection is something that is to be believed then it is the one that I have with you. Right from the day we met, we connected like none other and fell in love with you. Happy propose day my princess of heart.

If life was the frozen movie then you would be the princess who could freeze my heart forever as well as the time when I went on my knees to tell you- “I love you darling”. Happy Propose day.

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