251+ Terrorism slogans to stay safe

Nobody feels safe in this world right now because of terrorism. Terrorism compels political leaders and public figures to spend lots of money to enhance their security. Many innocent souls have already lost their lives because of these types of heinous activities. Here, we have mentioned some interesting terrorism slogans for your interest.

Here are Terrorism slogans for you

Stop terrorism and allow harmony and peace to flourish.

Terrorism is not heroism.

War is nothing but terrorism.

Nothing justifies extremism and terrorism.

Prevent terrorism at any cost.

The job of every individual is to stop terrorism.

God has not created us to become terrorists.

Terrorism cannot be justified by any means.

Terrorism will cause the downfall of mankind in the long run.

God will not forgive you in case you perform terrorist activities.

Terrorists will not be spared by the Almighty in the long run.

Terrorists are condemned by all humans out there.

We can live harmoniously if we put an end to terrorism.

Don’t invite the wrath of God by resorting to terrorism.

Terrorism can put an end to this world.

Stop terrorism by keeping calm.

Respect every human and don’t kill them at any cost.

Ensure mental peace by getting rid of terrorism.

Extremism is a terrible perversion.

Be united against extremism.

Condemn terrorism from the bottom of your heart.

One does not have any right to perform terrorist activities.

Bring peace to our planet by getting rid of terrorism.

Don’t try to outsmart people by resorting to terrorist activities.

Terrorists are somebody who does not care for the lives of others.

Terrorists, go away from my world.

You cannot become a hero by becoming a terrorist.

Extremism and human slaughter go hand-in-hand.

Terrorism in the name of religion is an insult to God.

Join hands together to end terrorism forever.

Never say yes to terrorism and extremism.

Terrorist activities are performed by those who do not value the lives of other people.

I condemn terrorism from every possible angle.

Don’t perform terrorism in the name of religion.

Killing innocent humans should not be the motto of your life.

Terrorism is the manifestation of atrocious activities from humans.

Extremism is something that threatens the peace of mankind.

Stop the abuser, stop being a loser.

The government must stop terrorism forever.

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Terrorism will hurt everybody out there.

Terrorism is brutal and should be avoided at any cost.

Any political leader supporting terrorism should be prosecuted.

Terrorism is quite irrational and unjustified.

We’re not supposed to commit terrorism in this world.

Don’t kill others, and don’t allow others to kill you.

Terrorism is something that has ruined the dreams of many people.

Always stand against terrorism.

Stopping cruelty is the order of the day.

Terrorism does not have any place in Islam.

You can never win the favor of God by resorting to terrorism.

Terrorism is the root of all trouble right now.

Bid farewell to terrorism forever.

Thank God for not making you a terrorist.

If you want to extend your life, then put an end to terrorism.

Don’t support any sort of terrorist activity.

Don’t make this world a favorable place for terrorists.

Terrorism will not only spoil others but will spoil you as well.

Extremism does not have any religion or nationality.

Terrorists are somebody whom we like to forget as soon as possible.

Don’t perform terrorist activities if you are scared of God.

The idea of combating terrorism is a sensible one.

Extremists, leave my world right now.

No religion is in favor of terrorism.

We live in a world that is full of terrorist activities.

Prevent terrorism; it is everyone’s job.

Terrorism reflects the devilish nature of man.

You cannot serve God by becoming a terrorist.

We live in a world full of terrorist activities.

Hopefully, we can eradicate terrorism forever.

Stay away from extremism if you believe in God.

You cannot escape the punishment of God if you are a terrorist.

All terrorists are villains in the eyes of God.

Proper education will help to prevent all terrorist activities.

Do something good and don’t perform terrorism.

It is not imperative to get a life by taking a life.

You can avoid terrorism if you wish.

The world is not a place to kill innocent humans.

Always protest against terrorism and extremism.

Say no to terrorism in case you want to live peacefully.

Terrorism is the worst possible crime that can be performed by mankind.

Terrorism is going to hurt everybody.

Prevent terrorism by keeping cool.

We are not born to become terrorists.

Do not blow up people, but balloons.

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Never threaten people in any manner whatsoever.

Extremism is not the only way in this world.

All our hopes can be dashed by terrorist activities.

Don’t spoil the lives of people by performing terrorist activities.

Nobody should support terrorism in this present world.

Say no to terrorism if you want to live long.

Don’t make others hate you by performing terrorist activities.

Those who are resorting to terrorism are insulting the Almighty.

Don’t make friends with a terrorist out there.

Preventing terrorism is better than becoming a victim of it.

It is the lack of education that gives rise to terrorism.

With proper awareness, one can prevent individuals from becoming terrorists.

Individuals concocting violence are nothing but retarded.

Make God love you by staying away from terrorist activities.

Terrorism is the battle against terrorism.

We can catch terrorism by doing our part.

Try to counter-terrorism in every possible way.

Terrorism has made this world a dangerous place to live.

Never dress like a terrorist at any point in time.

Terrorists are more afraid of educated women than anything else.

We’re humans, and we have a right to live.

Terrorism is the worst crime a human can perform.

There is no place for terrorism in this world.

You’re insulting the human race by performing terrorist activities.

Stop terrorism right now.

God will punish the terrorists either sooner or later.

Don’t end the human race by resorting to terrorism.

Individuals inspired by democracy will turn their backs against terrorism.

Racism, hatred, and terrorism have no place in this world.

A terrorist is a threat to mankind in every respect.

Put an end to terrorism at every possible opportunity.

Kill terrorists, and extremism will disappear once and for all.

Terrorism does not have any religion or nationality.

Get rid of terrorism with the help of peace and love.

Terrorism spoils the intellectual aspect of humans.

Fanaticism has no place in the Islamic religion.

Do not threaten innocent people with guns.

Don’t insult God by slaying innocent people.

Prevent terrorism instead of becoming its victim.

We’re here to live in this world and not get killed.

Don’t become a terrorist, and don’t allow others to become as well.

Stay away from performing all sorts of terrorist activities.

Terrorists are fanatic people who defy the principles of God.

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It is essential to deal with economic inequality for dealing with terrorism.

Stop extremism and let everyone live in peace.

Sensibly approach life; abolish terrorism.

Terrorists are the most hated people on earth.

Terrorism cannot be considered to be an act of heroism.

Terrorism thrives amid anger and ignorance.

Terrorism is violence in the worst possible way.

Extremism has ended the lives of many innocent humans over the years.

Kill all terrorists instead of killing innocent people.

Do not allow extremism to flourish in our society.

Terrorists have committed crimes in almost every part of the world.

Do not kill the kids; they are innocent.

Bullets sound identical in all languages.

Do not say yes to extremism.

Don’t bring your downfall by supporting terrorism.

It is not the solution to kill innocent people.

Stop all sorts of terrorist activities for good.

Terrorism in defense of freedom is not a vice.

It is the job of everybody to stop terrorism forever.

Terrorists are the most violent people on the planet.

Terrorists are the most dangerous enemies of mankind.

Do not extend your support to terrorism anytime, anywhere.

Terrorists are those who do not care for the welfare of people.

Never support any terrorist organization anywhere in this world.

No terrorism, no war.

Hopefully, terrorism can be ended in the future.

Killing innocent people is an insult to the Almighty.

Bury terrorism under the rubble!

No to terrorism and extremism.

We must get rid of terrorism at any cost.

Come together against terrorism.

Say no to extremism and live peacefully.

We have no right to take the lives of innocent people.

Extremism is an act of violence that has to be abolished.

Education will help to kill terrorism.

Nobody likes a terrorist.

Become united against terrorism.

All religions are against terrorism.

All terrorists are against the principles of God.

Terrorism will be hurting everybody.

Stand united against extremism.

I think extremism is the worst crime on the planet.

Are you against terrorism just like me?

Do not spread guns, but spread love and peace.

We will be able to stop terrorism by being together.

Terrorists are disliked by everybody.

The world will not change unless you stop terrorism.

There is nothing like a world devoid of terrorist activities.

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